2023 / Fiction feature film

Sana na N’hada

With Marcelino Antonio Ingira, Binete Undonque and Marta Dabo

Length 112 mn / Language Portuguese, Guinea-Bissau Creole

A co-production Lx Filmes (Portugal), Spectre Productions (France), Geba Films (Guinea-Bissau), Geração 80 (Angola) and The Dark (France)


Guinea-Bissau, 1969. A violent war between the Portuguese colonial army and the guerrillas of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde. Nome leaves his village and joins the maquis. After years, he will return as a hero, but joy will soon give way to bitterness and cynicism.





With the support of the ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual

With the support of the Aide aux cinémas du monde – Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée – Institut français

With the support of the Région Bretagne

In association with Lx Filmes (Portugal), Spectre Productions (France), Geba Films (Guinea-Bissau) and Geração 80 (Angola)



Screenplay: Virgílio Almeida & Olivier Marboeuf
Original brainchild: Sana na N’Hada

First assistant director: Ângela Sequeira
Cinematography: João Ribeiro
Sound: Tristan Pontécaille
Music: Remna Schwarz
Film editing: Sarah Salem

Producters: Luis Correia & Olivier Marboeuf
Co-producters: Suleimane Biai, Jorge Cohen, Cédric Walter