Scheduled for release in France in April 2024 / Feature film

Pascale Bodet

With Benjamin Esdraffo, Pierre Léon, Serge Bozon, Marc Barbé, Marianne Basler, Andy Gillet and Emmanuel Levaufre

Length 72 mn / Language Français

Distributed by The Dark

A Les films de la Nuit production, in co-production with Zadig Films and le Centre Pompidou


Paris, first third of the 21st century. Édouard is a painter, Charles a poet. They are friends, but discouragement lurks in the face of adversity. Gulcan, a stranger, appears from nowhere. An idea comes to him.


Edouard: Benjamin Esdraffo
Charles: Pierre Léon
Gulcan: Serge Bozon
D’Aurilleby: Marc Barbé
Jeanne Brillo: Marianne Basler
The curator: Andy Gillet
The collector: Emmanuel Lefauvre


Screenplay: Pascale Bodet
Cinematography: David Grinberg
Sound: Frédéric Dabo
Film editing: Pascale Bodet, Agnès Brückert & Serge Bozon
Sound editing and mixing: Benjamin Laurent
Color timer: Anne-Sophie Queneuille
Production manager: Olivier Lhoste
First assistant director: Nadège Catenacci
Location manager: Sonia Brahim

Producer: Anne Mattatia and Stanley Woodward
Co-producers: Mélanie Gerin, Paul Rozenberg and Serge Lasvignes


Scheduled for release in France in April 2024

Distributed by THE DARK

Press officer: Emmanuel Vernières


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