Released on 21 February 2024 in cinemas (France) / Documentary feature film

Ana Vaz

Length 66 mn / Language Portuguese

Distributed by The Dark

A Fondazione In Between Art Film (Italy) production, in co-production with Ana Vaz, Pivô (Brazil) and Spectre Productions (France)


Trapped by the city, thousands of animals survive in Brasilia zoo. At night, tamanduas, wolves with manes, owls and crab-eating foxes mix with biologists, veterinarians and healers in a dark scenario where the challenges of life preservation spin a web of crisscrossing destinies. Who is actually fenced in?



With the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques

With the support of the Région Ile-de-France


Cinematography: Jacques Cheuiche
Music: Guilherme Vaz
Film editing: Ana Vaz
Assistant editor: Deborah Viegas
Sound: Chico Bororo
Sound design: Ana Vaz, Nuno da Luz, Erwan Kerzanet
Mixing: Olivier Guillaume
Color timer: João Nunes

Producer: Leonardo Bigazzi
Co-producers: Olivier Marboeuf, Cédric Walter et Ana Vaz

with : Macao (Ptenoura brasiliensis), Amanda and Jair (Chrysocyon brachyurus), Xingu (Speothos venaticus), Caramelo (Tamadua tetradactyla), Quim (Cerdocyon thous), Megascops choliba, Athene cunicularia, Betânia Borges (Homo sapiens sapiens), Legolas and Ploft (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), Isabela Abritta (Homo sapiens sapiens), Macacos Bugius (Alouatta seniculus)


Released on 21 February 2024 in cinemas (France)

Press kit (French): download here

Distributed by THE DARK

Press officer: Makna Presse – Chloé Lorenzi and Marie-Lou Duvauchelle


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